Sarah Sharp is a Dream on New Release

Screenshot 2018-06-07 at 5.45.40 PM.png

Today Sarah Sharp delights our ears with her new EP, “Dream,” that is gorgeous from start to finish. The release chronicles a moment in her life that turned into upheaval after the passing of her much-loved artistic ally, Slim Richey. Taking to the new tracks with the help of Phoebe Hunt, the two collaborate to bring a collection of songs that are beautifully haunting, and skillfully crafted. Throughout the EP Sharp offers up her heart and soul, as it is evident her whole being went into creating her music.

The title track “Dream,” is heaven-sent as Sharp unveils her true self in the song. Standout piece and personal favorite, “Right Through Me,” floats through the record like a cloud, as Sharp’s prominent lyricism takes center stage.

On “Dream,” we hear Sharp grow up as not only a songwriter but a performer as well. Sarah Sharp is an artist on our radar for 2018, as we are head over heels for the buzzworthy songstress.

Listen to “Right Through Me” here:

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