Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart Share “Bright City Lights”

rebecca haviland
Rebecca Haviland has our ears today with the release of her new record, “Bright City Lights.” With the help of Whiskey Heart, she shares her most prominent project to date, Haviland instantly proves to have staying power on the new album. She’s a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll, and caters to the different musical tastebuds of all. Her crooning voice is vibrant and bold as she pours her heart and soul into the songs on the record. It’s evident within every word spoken and every note strummed. Haviland has a knack for painting beautiful imagery throughout that gives each song new life. Initially catching our attention with her acclaimed single, “Bright City Lights,” she sucks us in listen upon listen with standout tracks such as “Bourbon” and “You and I.”

Haviland has shown no sign of slowing down and we are excited to hear what Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart have hiding up their sleeves.

“Bright City Lights,” here:

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