Beto Hale Drops “Orbs of Light” Today!


Beto Hale releases Orbs of Light today.  It is his first full-length album since 2012.


The songs range in influence from progressive-rock, to Beatles, Bob Dylan, 80’s Pop and Post Punk. They all fit cohesively into one idea and the listener walks away with the deep sense that everything is going to be alright.


Orbs of Light is a collection of 10 original songs.  Beto wrote, performed, and co-produced and played drums, percussion, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, keyboards, piano, and sang lead and backing vocals on 90% of the album. It was recorded at Los Olivos Recording Studios, Beto’s new, 2000-sq. ft., state of the art facility in Los Angeles.


The lyrics have a positive message meant to counter the current negative atmosphere pervading the news.


According to Beto, The title track “Orbs of Light” was originally conceived as a song about hope; amidst the negativity that surrounds us today, it talks about being strong, believing in yourself, no matter how many terrible things you have witnessed or experienced. The Orbs represent the eyes, which in turn reflect ones spirit.


Our favorite is “Far Away” which is about a deep love for someone who has left us physically but not spiritually. It’s not about someone who died, but rather about someone who had to go away for some reason. The connection you can hear is is deep, and the singer is expressing not just hope, but certainty that, even in the face of despair, he will still remember and love the one who left.


Listen to the album here:


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