Brian Fitzy Unleashes Album “Hard Times for Dreamers”


Today Brian Fitzy unveils his latest album, Hard Times for Dreamers, the long awaited release.

This labor of love honed his multi-instrumentalist skills. However, the seeds of this approach were sown earlier when, out of necessity, Brian turned to looping when he realized he couldn’t afford to hire a full band to play his songs. Looping enabled him to combine his virtuosic violin playing, his breezy funk guitar playing, his beatboxing skills, and his soulful vocals and rhyming gifts.

Hard Times For Dreamers opens with a manifesto of hope on the invigorating soul-pop track, “Your Hero Never Dies.” Here, Brian recasts 1970s Philly soul with lush orchestral soundscapes, rugged hip-hop beats, touches of electro-pop, and invigorating modern R&B hooks. One of the great treats of the album is the old-school interludes, and the fifth track, “Preserve Disorder” is a gem. It features stanky 1970s funk keyboard riffs, abrupt musical direction shifts, a lethal beat, and an onslaught of barbed rhymes.

Standouts in this section include the retro-futuristic soul of “No Idea” which vibes Jamiroquai, and the album’s centerpiece, the title track. “Hard Times For Dreamers” is a journey unto itself. It begins with somber minor key piano, then locks into a bluesy rollicking waltz, and finally sails away with a soaring string section and major-key melodicism, painting a sonic picture of optimism.

Hard Times for Dreamers is out today. Follow the links below!


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