Art Brut Premieres “Lost Weekend” Video and Announces ‘Brilliant!Tragic!’ Release with U.S. Summer Tour

Art Brut recently released the music video for “Lost Weekend” and let me just say you will lose your mind when you hear it. And not in a good way. Eddie Argos, vocalist, proudly declared that this was the first album he has been the vocalist for and it shows. You don’t know if he’ll whisper the lyrics to you or just flat out say (note say, not sing) them to the melody. The only thing that redeems this song is the guitar solo at the end. Even that is a generic nod to Ian Catskilkin, lead guitarist. In the video while Catskilkin is wailing away, Argos walks off stage to get acquainted with a unicorn, as if the song couldn’t be more ridiculous, the band decided to kick things up a notch. If you decide, however, that this kind of music speaks to you then buy their album, Brilliant Tragic! When it’s released on May 24th. Art Brut will also be touring in the states if you don’t believe they truly sound that bad, see them live to confirm it. Below are the dates for June.
6/15 – Chicago at Double Door
6/16 – Cleveland at Beachland Ballroom
6/17 – Toronto at Mod Club
6/18 – Montreal at Il Motore
6/20 – Boston at Brighton Music Hall
6/22 – DC at Black Cat
6/23 – Brooklyn at Music Hall Williamsburg

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