Deerhoof Says “Hey I Can”

As part of a unique way to gain exposure for their upcoming album Deerhoof vs. Evil, Deerhoof has been releasing tracks as part of a “Global Album Leak” giving audiences a chance to hear one track at a time each week until the album is officially released on January 25th

Their track-dropping world tour embarked in October with the track “The Merry Barracks” in Chicago and they have since released them in places like Spain, England and as far as Australia.  This week, Deerhoof leaked their next single “Hey I Can” in Japan which was a perfect setting for a song with hints of Asian flair mixed into the positive lyrics of vocalist Satomi Matsuzaki. 

Satomi mentions that she wanted to write a positive song and say “I Can” as many times as she could and that is exactly what she did.  Accompanying her light and energetic voice, the song ranges from an Asian tribal feel with clanging chimes to a modern rock song with deep lying bass lines and thrashing drumbeats and ever changing tempos.  And with Matsuzaki’s mixture of English and Japanese lyrics everything on this song blends together to form a fun and funky treat for your ears.  

Listen to Deerhoof’s latest track here.

You can take your own journey and treat your ears to more delightful sounds of Deerhoof’s latest album here.

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