Belle And Sebastian Want To Write A Song About You. Yes, YOU.

If you’ve ever dreamt of having a song written about you or have ever foolishly convinced yourself that a song you love was written about you (it’s okay), then Belle and Sebastian are now offering to make your dreams come true.

In honor of their upcoming album Write About Love, due out on October 12th, the Scottish outfit is opening up the chance for its fans to win themselves a personalized song. The contest is based on an essay and may remind you of your high school years, but it should be nothing to deter the truly determined, especially since the winner will get to see their song released as a 7″ next year.

This is how it works:
Step 1: Purchase Write About Love from your local record store or your digital store of choice.
Step 2: Type in the code you received with your purchase onto the band’s website.
Step 3: Write about love in a 300-word essay.

Once this process is completed, the band will choose its favorite submission and Stuart Murdoch will head over to the winner’s home and spend a day with him or her to get inspired and write the coveted personalized song.

You can start to get your own creative juices flowing by watching this “Write about Love” video HERE.

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