New Strokes Album Pushed Back. Again.

Whenever we get closer to a new album by The Strokes, they seem to get delayed. Can we have a colllective “UGH”? The date has been pushed back again for the upcoming fourth record that was originally supposed to be out this fall. Now it has a tentative release date of March 2011. Singer Julian Casablancas has been talking about it in interviews and he doesn’t seem to quite have the passion he once did for the band. Though, this has all been judged out of the tone of his voice. As for what he says, Casablancas stated on BBC 6 that this album will be the most collaborative piece that the band has ever done, and it also halfway finished. He is quoted saying the album is “something that I hope works and I hope everyone loves and makes everyone happy.” When talking about The Strokes future, he stated “Let’s make sure no one tries to stab me or something.” Is this serious or Casablancas sarcasm and wit? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Julian Casablancas – The Strokes – “I’ll Try Anything Once” (“You Only Live Once” Demo) by ModernMysteryBlog

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