Cap’n Jazz Reunite!

Of all the bands we never thought would reunite, Cap’n Jazz was pretty high up on the list. Now the wait is over. On June 15th, Jade Tree Records will release Analphabetapolothology, for the first time on vinyl. The original release on CD was put out ten years ago, and the demand for the anthology to be out on vinyl was something fans were strongly behind. The band’s members have always stayed in the spotlight with being in groups like Joan of Arc, Owen and The Promise Ring just to name a few.

The vinyl version will be quite different and updated, and will also include a few songs not available on the CD. There will also be never before seen photos, show fliers, and new liner notes by Tim Kinsella.

If this deal could possibly get sweeter, Cap’n Jazz played an amazing one time only short surprise show in January, and seem to have rekindled the flame. The band is officially reuniting and their first show of the year is set to take place at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago on July 17th. More tourdates will be announced in the weeks to come.
Cap n Jazz-Messy Life by modernmysteryblog

Analphabetapolothology Track Listing:

1. Little League
2. Oh Messy Life
3. Puddle Splashers
4. Flashpoint: Catheter
5. In the Clear
6. Yes, I Am Talking To You
7. Basils Kite
8. Bluegrassish
9. Planet Shhh
10. The Sands Have Turned Purple
11. Precious
12. Que Suerte!
13. Take On Me
14. Tokyo
15. Ooh Do I Love You
16. Hey Ma, Do I Hafta Choke On These
17. Forget Who We Are
18. Olerud
19. We Are Scientists!
20. Sea Tea
21. Troubled By Insects
22. Rocky Rococo
23. AOK
24. Sergio Valente

Bonus Downloads:

25. In the Clear
26. Soria
27. No Use For A Piano Player When You Got A Player Piano
28. Scary Kids Scaring Kids
29. Bluegrass
30. Winter Wonderland
31. Geheim
32. Easy Driver
33. Theme to 90210
34. Ooh Do I love You

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