Liz Graham Releases Powerful New Single

liz graham
Liz Graham is quite an accomplished songwriter in her own right. Hailing from New York City, the mecca of music, Graham dabbles in the welcoming sound of Adult Contemporary and Triple A. For fans of artists such as Ryan Adams, Ingrid Michaelson and Sarah McLachlan, Liz Graham is right up your alley. She’s sold over 10,000 records, played Lilith Fair, and has even reached the music charts such as CMJ.
Recently Graham has released her infectious new single, “Charcoal on the Canvas.” The song is said to be about wanting to get to know someone on a deeper level. Her lyrics come of as poetry on the gorgeous new single. Graham’s voice is unique, yet holds a stunning familiar tone that holds true to form. The song is packed with punches and gracious harmonies that really show Graham can hold her own. Her voice is utter perfection on the track as the background vocals and guitars swirl around her. This is definitely a great track, which will grab your attention time and time again.
Stream “Charcoal on a Canvas” at Bandcamp:

Echo Sparks’ Releases Folk Influenced New Record


Echo Sparks have just released their debut full length Ghost Town Girl, the long-awaited follow up to their 2013 EP. The band was formed by DA Valdez, known notably for his work with The Pontiac Brothers. Echo Sparks is Valdez’s outlet to share his original songs with a wider audience.

With the help of vocalist CC Kinnick,, the two started the venture performing at an array of venues in the Orange County area. Soon they added bassist Cindy Ballreich to the group, that has helped form their sound throughout the course of the past few years. The group is graciously described as “A mashup of folk, rockabilly, old Mexico, blues and 1930s jazz,” which was enough to catch my attention in the first place.

On the 10-song record, the group combines these conflicting sounds effortlessly. The male-female vocals that carry throughout the record are gorgeous with smooth and silky harmonies. Upon first listen the songs will captivate you. One of my favorites on the record is the stunning and vibrant piece, “Broken Arrow,” which opens the record. This feeling carries throughout in songs like “Princess of Fresno” and “Shallow Water.” Track after track the album is filled with incredible harmonies. The band really goes back to genuine folk and rock n’roll, bringing a whole new insight into the current state of music. From start to finish on this record, the band provides a noteworthy sound that is able to make them standout from what a lot of bands are creating these days. Their music is honest, heartwarming, and proves to be something magical and unique before the record even finishes. Their approach to making music is not new by any means, but why fix something that isn’t broken? I highly suggest Echo Sparks’ Ghost Town Girl to warm you up on these cold winter days.


Buy Echo Sparks’ Ghost Town Girl via Bandcamp:

TOM LEVIN Premieres Heavenly Single, “Mind’s Eye”

Tom Levin Press Photo_Halff landsc_Ph Johan Töpel_high_res

Sweden-based TOM LEVIN has just released his U.S. debut single, “Mind’s Eye,” via The Vinyl DistrictTom Levin proves to be a breath of fresh air, and a thinking man’s songwriter with a distinct and powerful voice to match his songs. His often foot-stomping-folk-rock tendencies are instantly enticing.

Taken from his latest album, Them Buffalo, the tracks were co-written when Tom was involved with the project The House of Songs, where artists from all over the world and different genres, come together to write music.

Them Buffalo is the counterpart to Levin‘s early 2014 album, Them Feet.  “Mind’s Eye,” brings static handclaps which set the tone over acoustic guitars and haunting voices which introduce the song. Levin’s voice joins with a spark of life, accompanied with a stunning light string section that carries throughout.

 The album’s lyrical themes are life-long friendship, becoming of age, grandmothers, everyday life as a parent and having discussions about human values with men at car rentals. “With the help from a metronome, on which I increased the tempo, I embraced the stadium rocker within me and began writing,” says Levin.
Listen to TOM LEVIN’s “MIND’S EYE” here:

The Great Work – “Medicate the Babies Awake”


THE GREAT WORK have just released their new single titled “Medicate the Babies Awake,” the first in a series of singles that will be brought to life in the next several weeks. The heavy-hitting track indulges in intricate guitars and standout vocals, making a song that will appeal to the masses.

THE GREAT WORK is an American rock band from the San Francisco suburb of Antioch, formed in December 2013. The band consists of frontman Mitchell Young, guitarists Jacob Broughton and AJ Manalaysay, bassist Matt Rush and drummer Will Jenkins. With an emphasis on melody, The Great Work blends a progressive thought process into a dark yet harmonious soundscape with intricate guitars and rhythmic patterns complementing each other systematically. Colorful, meaningful with bits of wet.

Listen; The Great Work “Medicate the Babies Awake”

The Workers Release New Album, “Totem”


The past couple of years, it seems to me that the dawn of the Brooklyn music scene is creeping into Queens. A handful of notable new bands and musicians are emerging, that are creating quite a name for themselves. Recently, I had discovered The Workers, who hail from Middle Village, Queens. The group are a fresh alt rock band, who have just released their latest record, Totem. Fronted by award winning musician, Dan Greenwald, the group likens themselves to REM, Elliot Smith and Pink Floyd. Totem is also engineered and produced by Will Hensley, who has been involved in mixing Coldplay albums.

“Death Race” opens the record, which is a stunning way to kick things off. Greenwald’s voice is reminiscent of Robert Schneider (Apples in Stereo) to me. The guitar solos are nothing short of mesmerizing, as they swirl around Greenwald’s voice effortlessly. “Boomerang,” is heavenly with pedal slide guitars to greet you from the intro on. Greenwald talk-sings throughout the piece, creating a musical journey with gorgeous harmonies in tow. His lyrics are deep, and sentimental, and work flawlessly with the piece.  Closing out the album is “Big Time,” which brings things out with a bang. The acoustic guitars are bright, and are accompanied with harmonious vocals that bring the song to lie.

The Workers’ Totem, prove to be a stunning piece of work, and a nice way to close out 2014. Check out their record via Bandcamp, HERE.

goste is “Loaded Like a Pistol”


Brooklyn based experimental artist goste is doing great things. Recently touring the US and Europe, the musician is back with his 3rd EP, titled Eugene. The moniker of Owen Ross, he totes the badge of being a producer, instrumentalist, and composer. Rave reviews from fans and critics alike, have made goste a name to watch out for this year. The heavy hitting new single from the record, “Loaded like a Pistol,” is a dreamy combination of hazy vocals and textured beats. With a captivating video in tow, goste gets better with each and every listen. Hypnotic, is the only way to describe the sound he is creating. Track after track from “Volcanoes (Slow Fade)” to “Single File,” each and every song delivers without missing a beat. His use of live instruments to collaborate bring the pieces to life even more so, and creates a whole new noteworthy and jaw dropping experience. Goste proves to be a real artist, and a phenomenal one that that.

Check out  “Loaded Like A Pistol” HERE
Watch the video for “Loaded Like A Pistol” HERE

Upcoming Dates:

12/6 The Wind Up Space Baltimore, MD
12/8 Venue TBA Richmond, VA
12/9 The Spot Underground Providence, RI
12/11 Abbey Lane Boston, MA