The Great Work – “Medicate the Babies Awake”


THE GREAT WORK have just released their new single titled “Medicate the Babies Awake,” the first in a series of singles that will be brought to life in the next several weeks. The heavy-hitting track indulges in intricate guitars and standout vocals, making a song that will appeal to the masses.

THE GREAT WORK is an American rock band from the San Francisco suburb of Antioch, formed in December 2013. The band consists of frontman Mitchell Young, guitarists Jacob Broughton and AJ Manalaysay, bassist Matt Rush and drummer Will Jenkins. With an emphasis on melody, The Great Work blends a progressive thought process into a dark yet harmonious soundscape with intricate guitars and rhythmic patterns complementing each other systematically. Colorful, meaningful with bits of wet.

Listen; The Great Work “Medicate the Babies Awake”

The Workers Release New Album, “Totem”


The past couple of years, it seems to me that the dawn of the Brooklyn music scene is creeping into Queens. A handful of notable new bands and musicians are emerging, that are creating quite a name for themselves. Recently, I had discovered The Workers, who hail from Middle Village, Queens. The group are a fresh alt rock band, who have just released their latest record, Totem. Fronted by award winning musician, Dan Greenwald, the group likens themselves to REM, Elliot Smith and Pink Floyd. Totem is also engineered and produced by Will Hensley, who has been involved in mixing Coldplay albums.

“Death Race” opens the record, which is a stunning way to kick things off. Greenwald’s voice is reminiscent of Robert Schneider (Apples in Stereo) to me. The guitar solos are nothing short of mesmerizing, as they swirl around Greenwald’s voice effortlessly. “Boomerang,” is heavenly with pedal slide guitars to greet you from the intro on. Greenwald talk-sings throughout the piece, creating a musical journey with gorgeous harmonies in tow. His lyrics are deep, and sentimental, and work flawlessly with the piece.  Closing out the album is “Big Time,” which brings things out with a bang. The acoustic guitars are bright, and are accompanied with harmonious vocals that bring the song to lie.

The Workers’ Totem, prove to be a stunning piece of work, and a nice way to close out 2014. Check out their record via Bandcamp, HERE.

goste is “Loaded Like a Pistol”


Brooklyn based experimental artist goste is doing great things. Recently touring the US and Europe, the musician is back with his 3rd EP, titled Eugene. The moniker of Owen Ross, he totes the badge of being a producer, instrumentalist, and composer. Rave reviews from fans and critics alike, have made goste a name to watch out for this year. The heavy hitting new single from the record, “Loaded like a Pistol,” is a dreamy combination of hazy vocals and textured beats. With a captivating video in tow, goste gets better with each and every listen. Hypnotic, is the only way to describe the sound he is creating. Track after track from “Volcanoes (Slow Fade)” to “Single File,” each and every song delivers without missing a beat. His use of live instruments to collaborate bring the pieces to life even more so, and creates a whole new noteworthy and jaw dropping experience. Goste proves to be a real artist, and a phenomenal one that that.

Check out  “Loaded Like A Pistol” HERE
Watch the video for “Loaded Like A Pistol” HERE

Upcoming Dates:

12/6 The Wind Up Space Baltimore, MD
12/8 Venue TBA Richmond, VA
12/9 The Spot Underground Providence, RI
12/11 Abbey Lane Boston, MA

Tom Levin “Them Buffalo”


Tom Levin is a musical gem in his own right. Recently he has released his new album. Them Buffalo, which is laced with folk tendencies and rock rebellion. Levin grew up in Sweden, before relocating to Australia for University where he began to write songs. Garnering critical acclaim with his accessible brand of music, Levin proves to be an unstoppable musical force. Them Buffalo is the sixth album that Levin has released, and the second he has put out this year alone. The earlier 2014 album titled Them Feet, is a slower approach to music, as Them Buffalo proves to be a faster and more vibrant take on his musical endeavors. Kicking off the record is the upbeat and friendly “Thunder On.” Right off the bat, the piece sets the tone for the rest of the record. Levin’s voice is uplifting and surrounded by melodic harmonies that chime throughout. The resonating acoustic guitars bring the song to life, adding an enchanting sound to the record. “Mind’s Eye,” was an instant favorite on the record. Static handclaps set the tone over acoustic guitars and haunting voices that introduce the song. Levin’s voice joins with a spark of life, accompanied with a stunning light string section that carries throughout. “Everyday” breathes a different life into the record as it proves to be one of the more accessible tracks on the record. Soulful vocal harmonies accompany Levin which is a nice addition to the song. Up next is “History, Beliefs, and Bearded Men,” which takes the album down in notch in tone. The song is full of soul, straight from the heart. The track is heartbreaking, yet beautifully done in every way. This piece is a tearjerker for sure. “Different Drums,” carries along in the same vein with a subtle pace. Levin’s voice is soft yet prominent as his guitar playing is likened to Ryan Adams’ later records. “More Than a Song,” proves to be an epic piece in its own right, chiming in right from the start with a bright organ-like instrument that takes us for a musical journey. Levin’s voice is accessible and this is perhaps his best performance on the record. “Girl from Nova Scotia,” is utter perfection with intense acoustic guitars and Levin’s voice sing-talking its way through, to make the song unique from the rest, and one of the most memorable. “Schizo,” really shows off Levin’s talent for writing insightful storylines in his lyrics, making each piece very real. “Summered,” another track on the record that stood out to me greatly, is laced with slide guitar work, handclaps, and prominent acoustic guitars. The vocal harmonies breathe new life into the work, making a gorgeous creation. Closing the record is “Margaret’s House (featuring Aimee Bobruk). The combination of Levin’s and Bobruk’s vocals are beyond gorgeous. It is like their voices were made to sing together. Their heavenly sound channel a bit of 80s nostalgia, but they bring to the table a sound that is very much their own. Tom Levin’s Them Buffalo, proves to be a stunning record that is filled with folk-rock tendencies. The music of Tom Levin will appeal to music listeners from all over the board…and with a songwriting talent like his, it is to be expected.

Fractal Control Get Heavy


Mike Louttit writes socially aware and forewarning instrumental rock under the moniker Fractal Control. His debut release, Disconnection Equals Freedom, is the first installment of a series of albums that address feelings of anxiety, dread, and frustration with our society at present.

Disconnection Equals Freedom, does not articulate any specifics about the current state of the world, and is not meant to be another insight on “what’s wrong with things”. Through shred heavy numbers and thought-provoking sound bites, Fractal Control seeks to mirror the conscious and subconscious irritation and uncertainty within ourselves.

The mindset of Disconnection Equals Freedom comes from the artist’s own explorations, first spurred on by exposure to controversial filmmaker Peter Joseph’s “Zeitgeist: The Movie,” a film which makes some dramatic assertions about the origins of religion and elements of governmental control and cover-ups. But most notably it deals with issues regarding the Federal Reserve System, making allegations of a select few who manipulate the financial system and ultimately lead unsuspecting people like cattle to the slaughter before they realize it’s too late.

You can listen to Disconnection Equals Freedom in full here:

Ewa Angeli’s New Christmas Album “In Night’s Still Silence”


It is no surprise that the holiday season is my favorite time of year. And what better to kick it off with then some gorgeous new Christmas music? Polish-born Ewa Angeli has just released a stunning new Christmas album that is made up of traditional Polish Christmas songs, translated in entirely English.

Reaching back as far as to XVIII century these beautiful Christmas Carols in traditional and contemporary arrangements brought to the world the magnificence of Christian tradition of Christmas. They will brighten up the Holiday Season for all – the young and the old. The beauty of the melodies and lyrics that equal to such classics as “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World,” will touch and move us in our memories to those happy moments spent with our loved ones, our families, and back in time to our childhood.

Ewa Angeli “In Night’s Still Silence”: