The Unravelling Share New Single, “Master Drone”


The Unravelling offers a stunning blend of industrial and hard rock influences, while still having a great deal of accessibility to out-of-genre listeners. The group, who drew praises for their debut of 13 Arcane Hymns, had their career put to a halt when lead vocalist Steve Moore, was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer in 2011.

Fast-forward to the present day where Moore has luckily recovered and has sprung back into action with the group. Consisting of Moore and bandmate/instrumentalist Gustavo De Beauville, The Unravelling is better than ever. Recently they have debuted their comeback single, “Revolt,” which is a heavy hitting track laced with intricate instrumentation. The band has now released “Master Drone,” complete with brilliant new artwork from Shaun Friesen at Freeze Design (

Their new single, “Master Drone,” sheds new light onto the band. Moore says of the track:  “the Master Drone is certain of his reality, and therefore living through an artifact. He is opinionated, and likely a respectable, ambitious member of society. He could be a motivational speaker, an atheist, a religious leader, a ‘life coach’ or a serial entrepreneur. He thrives within identity and strives for new identities as he grows old. He’s in all of us. He represents our human programming.”

Gustavo says of the piece “Master Drone turned out quite dark, heavy and to the point – I think it’s gonna be a doozy to perform live.”

“Master Drone” is available for free download via Bandcamp, here:

The Unravelling via Facebook:

Check out more of Shaun Friesen’s work, here:

Rebel House Radio Flashback with Video for “Can’t Say No”


Rebel House Radio has recently released their new video for “Can’t Say No.” With a bit of 80s nostalgia flare, and an L.A. vibe that can kill, the new group take on quite a task of love and heartbreak in their new video. The high energy of the song matches the tone of the video with a bit of theatrical vibe in the mix. “Can’t Say No,” is a total breath of fresh air in the rock scene, and proves to break away from the pack. Bandmates Mike Mangan an Mike Blumberg create a new and noteworthy sound that shines throughout “Can’t Say No.” The track is off their current album, their debut, One More Day, which has been gaining quite a bit of attention. The video is quite an impressive piece of work.

Watch “Can’t Say No” Here: 

Tom Levin’s “Father to a Son” Video

Tom Levin Press Photo_Halff landsc_Ph Johan Töpel_high_res

Swedish Singer-songwriter Tom Levin has shared his gorgeous video titled “Father to a Son,” just in time for Father’s Day weekend. This piece is lovely in every aspect from the colorful production value, to the deeply emotional song itself.

Tom Levin proves to be a breath of fresh air, and a thinking man’s songwriter with a distinct and powerful voice to match his songs. His often foot-stomping-folk-rock tendencies are instantly enticing. Tom‘s sound is built on his love of American roots music while gaining new inspiration elsewhere in everything from Swedish indie-pop to hip-hop. The albums include an array of instrumentation: guitar, mandolin, banjo, pedal steel, organ, saxophone, trumpet, hand claps, foot stomping and some programming creating an earthy genre defying ambiance that’s difficult to put a specific finger on.

Tom Levin “Father to a Son”

Steve Benjamins Releases Haunting New EP


Toronto-based Steve Benjamins unearths the stunning, indie pop filled EP, Sightlines, and it hasn’t taken long for me to get hooked. He’s been critically acclaimed by tastemaker indie sites alike, all praising his knack for songwriting and writing killer hooks that will constantly entice you. Sightlines is Steve Benjamins’ sophomore EP, the follow up to the noteworthy, Somewhere Somehow.

Notably a progression from his last record, his upbeat tone harkens the like of indie heavyweights, The Killers, but creating a deeper sound throughout like Sufjan. The first single from the EP is “We Used to Live,” a song that clocks in at a little over 3 minutes, yet adds a great dose of indie pop inspired traction. Benjamins’ vocals are powerful and energetic, without feeling forced or over the top.

Standout tracks on the EP also include the haunting and stunning title track, “Sightlines,” which adds a bit of Bon Iver flavor to the record; and “Later On,” a piece that is gorgeously orchestrated with piano and faded strings.

I think it is going to be the Summer of Steve Benjamins.

Listen: Steve Benjamins’ “We Used to Live”

BZRK Brings “Interpersonal Ethics,” “Crop Circles” Out Now!


BZRK aren’t strangers to strange, but Crop Circles is definitely their most surreal effort to date. In terms of sound, the group gave Cropsey reign over beat-making duties for the album and the difference shows. The resulting sound is full of psychedelic phasers that’ll rewire your brain-waves, sirens that will keep you on edge, and a host of other strange sounds & beats that aren’t like anything in the Rap game right now.It’s equally introspective, scary, and damn impressive. The only thing more otherworldly than the music is the complex narrative that drives the album. The story starts off chill, but gradually gets more and more aggressive as the narrative distorts time and reality. Within this distortion, the group exposes truths about vices, vision, and voracity that few others have touched on at this level.

BZRK “Interpersonal Ethic”

STASH Gets Electrifying with New Single “Strip Me Bare”


STASH is just as fun as their name implies. The duo who hails from California, bring their own version of party-rock anthems to the dance floor, just in time for Summer. Consisting of  DJ/rapper/songwriter Steph Prost and classically trained pop singer, Amanda Maze, they bring a carefree and fun-loving feel to the party with everyone else providing the jams.

Think LMFAO without the offensiveness and with class. Prost, who has been a name in the L.A. scene for quite some time, built her reputation by DJing at high-profile events and parties, even making her way to SXSW and Sundance. STASH’s spirit may be carefree and lighthearted, but their message is strong.

When Prost teamed up with Maze, that is when everything started to take center stage. Their high energy electro-pop is ear candy for the masses, without a doubt. Recently the group has released their latest single, “Strip Me Bare,” which is already charting on the Billboard Breakouts for Dance Club Songs (#5).

If you need a new song to be your summer jam, give a listen to “Strip Me Bare.” It’s a tasty treat!

Watch: “Strip Me Bare”: