Ewa Angeli’s New Christmas Album “In Night’s Still Silence”


It is no surprise that the holiday season is my favorite time of year. And what better to kick it off with then some gorgeous new Christmas music? Polish-born Ewa Angeli has just released a stunning new Christmas album that is made up of traditional Polish Christmas songs, translated in entirely English.

Reaching back as far as to XVIII century these beautiful Christmas Carols in traditional and contemporary arrangements brought to the world the magnificence of Christian tradition of Christmas. They will brighten up the Holiday Season for all – the young and the old. The beauty of the melodies and lyrics that equal to such classics as “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World,” will touch and move us in our memories to those happy moments spent with our loved ones, our families, and back in time to our childhood.

Ewa Angeli “In Night’s Still Silence”: https://soundcloud.com/ewaangeli/in-nights-still-silence

Sit Kitty Sit Take Over NYC This Week; Tickets on Sale Now

Sit Kitty Sit

Sit Kitty Sit are currently making their way through the East Coast on a lengthy tour which stops in New York this week. You can catch the group at the Rock Shop (11/20) and Pianos (11/19) respectively. The heavy hitting duo bring to life elements of drums meet piano, accompanied by singer Kat Downs flawless vocal work. Drummer Mike Thompson brings the music to a whole new level with his intricate playing. Sit Kitty Sit currently have a new video out for “Birmingham,” off the latest masterpiece, Everlasting Fire, out now. Check out their New York dates below and try to make it out if you can!

11/19 – Pianos – 7pm / 21+ / $8

11/20 – The Rock Shop – 8pm / 21+ / $8-$10
Tickets HERE

Paul Maged Releases “Diamonds & Demons”


New York staple Paul Maged, has just released his new record, Diamonds & Demons. An album filled with social awareness, Maged touches upon the topics of climate change, human warfare, religion and today’s evolving society. The first single from the record is “Look at Me,” that gravitates towards a rebellious sound with punk tendencies.

Maged’s vocals are clear so he can get his point across without distraction. The songs on Diamonds & Demons recall the sounds of Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen, while providing his own originality to boot. His cutting vocals breathe energy into the lead single, which is found throughout the rest of the album.

Other standout pieces include “Cause & Effect,” which send a little Eddie Vedder nostalgia down your spine, and “I’m Okay,” which delves in a dose of funk, subtly, into the record. Diamonds & Demons is 17-tracks of riff heavy and politically charged pieces, that brings issues to life, in a way that captures your attention and makes you want to change the world.

Listen to Paul Maged’s “Look at Me,”: https://soundcloud.com/paulmaged/look-at-me

Brooklyn’s What Model Citizens Release “Too Late” Video


“Too Late,” is the newest video by What Model Citizens, who hail from Brooklyn. Singer and frontman Alex Musto says of the eerie new video:

“Generally I prefer to let the work speak for itself but the concept behind the video is the age old idea of obsession overwhelming and destroying a person. The main character is Captain Ahab. He’s Doctor Frankenstein. He’s so engulfed in his work it kills the only other person he may have cared about other than himself. Seeing the destruction he hath wrought he realizes he maybe able to save her but through his work. He sets about collecting the parts to rebuild her pouring his obsession into into his latest project. In the end when she finally wakes back up he’s put so much of his own hatred and soul into rebuilding her that his personality overwhelms hers and starts attacking him. He’s forced to destroy the monster he created.”

The highly anticipated video has just landed a high profile premiere via Buzznet, and is already making the rounds with music listeners alike. The brainchild of Alex Musto, What Model Citizens’ unique electronic sound is a danceable storm that firmly places the band in New York’s music scene. Compared to groups such as Gang of Four and The Faint, What Model Citizens delivers reverb-laden guitars, heavy with electronic sounds and a driving tenacity.

Watch the video for “Too Late,” here: http://vimeo.com/100473479

Vajra is Taking Over with their High Octane Rock n’ Roll


Vajra is a name I am very familiar with in the New York area. Also making their rounds on Sirius XM, playing SXSW, countless NYC venues and more, the band is taking off in a whole new light. Formed by Annamaria Pinna while she was in India, a bit of self discovery brought to life Vajra. Pinna is an accomplished composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. The group have just released their latest single “Blind (Blood Mix)” at the end of this Summer, and the track is just as strong, a couple of months down the line. The haunting and dark undertones are hypnotically laced, as it recalls Eastern Indian themes. Pinna’s voice is captivating and strong; an unstoppable force crawling out of the musical bed. While heavy hitting and dark the band proves to be very accessible, especially with the addition of Pinna’s smoky and seductive vocals.

Vajra is Annamaria Pinna (Vocals, Composer, Keyboards), Kevin Jones (Bass), James Rosenberg (Guitar); and John Keener (Drums, Percussion).

Listen “Blood Blind” https://soundcloud.com/vajratemple/blind-blood-edit-mp3

Tomás Doncker and Yusef Komunyakaa Reunite on “Big Apple Blues” LP


I have been a long time fan of the Blues, first becoming interested in the genre during my college years of studying music history. Recently I have had the chance to check out Tomas Doncker’s latest release, Big Apple Blues  (True Groove Records), which features legendary poet, Yusef Komunyakaa.

This is the second record the two have collaborated on, and they have recently officially introduced the album during the Dodge Poetry Festival. Doncker has been making his name in the music world for quite a while, as he started out in the ‘no wave,’ scene in NYC in the 1980s. Fast forward into 2014, when his music has taken a more intricate and enticing turn, with standout songs such as “The New Day,” which is featured on the record. The accessible tune is a musical journey all of its own. The mixture of Doncker’s stunning musicianship and Komunyakaa’s use of words is unstoppable and breathtaking, stirring philosophical lyrics.

Track after track on Big Apple Blues, definitely do deliver the goods. Opener “Big Apple Blues,” brings the album to life immediately, which ebbs and flows throughout the record without missing a beat. This unique record is uplifting, heartfelt, and flawless. One I have had on repeat since I first discovered it. A great discovery indeed.

Listen to “Big Apple Blues”: https://soundcloud.com/tomasdoncker/01-big-apple-blues