EL VY Proves to Be More Than Just a Side Project, with Debut Release, “Return to the Moon”

el vy

The much buzzed about EL VY creates an inspiring album, Return to the Moon, out now via 4AD. Consisting mainly of Matt Berninger of The National and Brent Knopf of Ramona Falls/Menomena, what the duo creates is something honest, heartfelt, and truly unique.

Like when all high profiled musicians break off from their main band, there seems to be a bit of a back and forth skeptical reaction that travels throughout the internet. I believe it was in Pitchfork that I had read a blurb stating that Berninger and Knopf were “incompatible” as musicians. To be honest, yes, they kind of are incompatible as musicians; but on the bright side, that is exactly what makes this combination work well.

The first two singles shined light on the blending of two parties; first with “Return to the Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome to Sing, with Crescendo)” and the follow up “I’m the Man to Be.” The first singles were definitely a departure from Berninger’s deep and heavy sounds of The National, but it allowed us to see a more upbeat version of what he has to offer. Knopf on the other hand, brings a stunning element of instrumentation to the table that sometimes provides a lively vibe, and other times, a haunting and unusual sound. The mixture of these elements seem to work completely, as they weave throughout each track of the record.

The biggest misconception that a listener can have going into this, is that it’s going to sound like a “National” record. It’s not. Then Berninger would just be working on National songs right now (Right? Right.). What would be the point? The voice is there, but the content isn’t always as heavy. You’re going to dance, you’re still going to get depressed as hell, and you are going to love every moment of it.

Releasing a series of lyric videos directed by the multi-talented Tom Berninger, it provides multiple songs with an intimate look to capture your attention even more. Tracks such as “Happiness Missouri” bring a haunting, yet determined sound into play, while harmonies fill the album in pieces such as “Silent Ivy Hotel,” or the chilling musicianship of “Paul is Alive.” Songs such as “No Time to Crank the Sun,” offers up Matt’s signature delicate crooning, as “Need a Friend,” shares a more vibrant sound, that brings Knopf’s intricate brand of musicianship to the table. Together they create a truly special musical experience within Return to the Moon.

Each piece on the record is strong enough to stand on their own, which is perhaps why the group decided to release a track one at a time leading into the record. Return to the Moon is perhaps the finest record of 2015; mark my word.

EL VY is currently on tour, recently kicking off their Eastern U.S. dates, with two stops in New York. Friday at Bowery Ballroom, and Saturday at Music Hall of Williamsburg. See you there kids.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Bring “Downtown” to Life; and Get Eric Nally Out of Hiding


As many know I’m not a fan of Pop-esque music. It has to strike me pretty hard to attract my attention in any shape or form; and rarely does it ever. I know I am about 10,000 years late to the party that is Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t 110% intrigued by their latest single, “Downtown.” It’s good; I mean really good.

Not only does it feature some of rap’s greatest MCs, but to boot it brought back to life Eric Nally of Foxy Shazam fame (who I had interviewed years ago for Greenshoelace.com ), which up until recently, I could never understand how they never really caught on. They were successful in indie circles, but even then, they never fully received the attention they deserved. Also I kind of love the fact that most people think Eric is in costume, but really, no, that’s his usual attire (for live shows at least). Remember when he used to eat cigarettes on stage? Yes, that.

Getting back to my main point, I love the fact that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are being successful on their own terms, and keeping completely true to themselves. It really brings in another level of artist intimacy because there isn’t that label middleman. Everything that they put out is them, whether you like it or not. “Downtown,” is the perfect example of an artist unleashing their heart and soul into the music. Musically and marketing wise it’s genius; and to be honest, one hell of a song.


RESH: Brings Video for “BOYS CRY MORE” to Life


RESH is breaking boundaries with his unique and eclectic brand of Pop music. Recently releasing his album debut, Babies Out, currently he is sharing the latest video for “Boys Cry More.” The theatrical video is the first look into the world of RESH, and right from the start you will find yourself in for a ride.


RESH came alone. I was trying to find a name I was connected to. I just didn’t want to use my real name for my music. I wanted something more impactful. Something I felt connected to. It came in a dream. I woke up on a day knowing I wanted to be named RESH. I always liked the idea of me being theone deciding what my name was going to be. It’s empowering,” states RESH.

His new single, “Boys Cry More,” picks up a vibrant energy and really lets listeners into the mind of RESH. His eccentric pop vocals are intertwined with incredible pop sensibility that will have you eager for more. The video for “Boys Cry More,” is skillfully crafted with intricate choreography from an array of dancers, and a whole lot of musical attitude.

DaniElle DeLaite Impresses with New Video for “Shooting Stars”

Danielle Top

DaniElle DeLaite adds a dose of sunshine on this chilly fall day with her captivating video for “Shooting Stars.” The Australia native brings a whole lot of energy to the table with a charming blend of pop-eccentric dance music. Often compared to Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani and Janet Jackson, DeLaite surely fits well into the lineup.

Her voice is beautiful and seductive, and the video most certainly matches the tone. The music video actually acts like a short film, with vibrant cinematography throughout, and an intriguing storyl ine to boot. The imagines in the video are filled with smoke and mirrors, literally, which makes this EDM princess a name to watch out for in 2015 and beyond.

Watch DaniElle DeLaite’s “Shooting Stars”

Nemo James Releases “The Minstrel”


Nemo James debuts his new release, The Minstrel, to the delight of eager ears. James, who turned his back on a successful career as a session guitarist in London, has shifted the tables to focus on songwriting. Bringing his life experiences into play, he has a unique style that brings to life his acoustic based influenced and his new endeavor, an autobiography titled Just a Few Seconds. James was on hiatus for 12 years before returning to music. His folk-esque sound revives classics such as Cat Stevens with a big of edge.

The Minstrel is filled with captivating tracks; 17 of them to be exact, and each are increasingly stellar. His knack for instrumentation and songwriting shine through within every piece on the album, proving his is definitely a mainstay in the music community. Pieces such as “The Poet,” give a perfect first glimpse into James and the record as a whole, with beautiful lyrics and intricate music that lays as the perfect bed for the song. James talent to captivate folk audiences is a gorgeous thing all on its own, as each piece is laced with a special unique quality. One song that stands out to me that I instantly had on replay is “Dreamer on the Run.” The instrumentation in the song can be described with one word: Stunning. Throughout the record James gets a little bit dark, but it fits the theme like a glove. For those who love a good, solid folk record, this one is definitely worth your time to check out.

Andy Evans Enlightens With Upcoming New Record


Andy Evans writes Americana music with a little dose of heaven on the side. Set to release his upcoming effort, Miracle, due out January 2016, Evans brings a great deal of talent to the table. Drawing from the great current Americana songbook of acts such as Ryan Adams and the Alabama Shakes, Evans brings his own eclectic and unique set of skills and shines above the rest. Tasty guitar riffs and infectious vocals bring the record to life, which is notable in pieces such as the title track, “Miracle.” He brings in a perfect blend of blues and rock, which infuses and flows perfectly throughout each song.

Miracle is full of range which shows an energetic upbeat side, yet there are songs that slows things down like the ballad-esque piece “45.” Evans voice is delightful and filled with emotion, not only making him a great songwriter, but a musician as well. The instrumentation that is presented in the songs are captivating and genuine in sound and in spirit.

Personally one of the most standout tracks for me is “I Wish She Was Mine.” The depth of his spirit and singing in the piece offers a dose of heartbreak and love. This really makes the listener feel like they are getting in the soul and mind of Evans.

Miracle quickly proves to be a record that is a must have for 2016, trust me on this one.

Andy Evans via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andyevansmusic/