Little Shells Releases “5 Deep Under”; “Ill Remain” Streaming Now!


Little Shells is an up-and-coming act that hails from Brooklyn. A lovely take on orchestral indie pop, Little Shells, the moniker of Conchita Campos , draws you in with her latest single, “Ill Remain,” from her new album, 5 Deep Under, out now.

A perfect introduction to the songstress, 5 Deep Under proves that she is not just another run-of-the-mill singer-songwriter.  Her knack for writing songs that are both heartfelt and enticing is quite a talent all on its own. Her third release under the Little Shells name, she calls upon the help of local New York musicians to carry out her vision. Clocking in with 9 songs, each piece on the album is heaven sent and filled with surprises. The first song on the record is “Another Night,” which in vocals reminds me a bit of Jenny Lewis (at her best), and the instrumentation of Sufjan Stevens. Immediately this record has won me over. Every track is somehow more gorgeous than the next. Campo’s voice is lively and sad at the same time, which in my opinion is the perfect combination.

Another standout song to me on the record is “Lola’s Song,” which is so beautiful in every way possible. It also reminds me a little bit of Cat Power. Her piano playing is stunning and intricate, and works hand in hand with her echoing and prominent voice. “When They’re Gone,” another glowing piece on the album, is beyond charming. The sadness is Campo’s  vocals, which I assume is intentional, really works for her. I literally have chills down my spine as I listen to these songs; laced with strings, horns and subtle elements that mean a lot. If Little Shells doesn’t become a household name by the end of 2015, I would be extremely surprised. From start to finish 5 Deep Under is utterly, and truly the definition of perfection.

“Ill Remain” via Soundcloud:

Kevin Jenkins To Release “‘Til the Story’s Told”


Kevin Jenkins kicks off our Wednesday with a charming release of ‘Til the Story’s Told, a nice collection of Americana and Blues infused tracks, which is officially out on June 9th (True Groove Records). Jenkins is no stranger to the musical world, has been a seasoned musician for going on 40 years. He’s played everywhere from Tokyo’s Budokan, to London’s Albert Hall, to New York’s Madison Square Garden. A professional bassist, he has shared the bill with the best from The Police, Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, BB King and Joe Cocker. An impressive resume to say the least!

Til the Story’s Told is the second official solo release by Kevin Jenkins, and it delves deeper into his psyche. The tales of the loss of a parent, new beginnings, and new life, are perceived throughout the record, making listeners not only take notice of his musical performance, but of his lyrical abilities as well.

The first single from the record, “Janie’s Silver Lining,” is a fantastic piece that is a brilliant introduction to the record, and Jenkins himself for new listeners. 9-tracks are displayed throughout the album, and cover a wide range of grounds and genres. From the blissful cover of Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit of the Sky,” which does the classic song justice and then some, Jenkins showcases his talent throughout the entire record. His voice has a vibrant consistency which flows flawlessly on the album.

Another song that caught my attention is “King of Everything,” which is one of the smoothest songs I have heard in quite a while. Jenkin’s voice is stellar on this track in particular, and it really is a nice addition to the album. “Country Line” is also another song that stands out to me, as I found it to be extremely captivating.  Kevin Jenkin’s ‘Til the Story’s Told, is a phenomenal record that will stand the test of time. Open your ears and listen…

Kevin Jenkin’s”Janie’s Silver Lining” at Soundcloud:

Buffalo Rodeo Release Trippy Video for “Blue Sky”


Watch: Buffalo Rodeo’s New Video for “Blue Sky”

Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Buffalo Rodeo, have just released their trippy new video for the buzzworthy single, “Blue Sky,” via The Vinyl District. The colorful and vibrant video captures the very essence of the song. With the band performing throughout the piece, the footage proves to be captivating and enticing, just like the very song it represents.

Buffalo Rodeo, who are currently on a lengthy tour of the U.S., will be releasing the vinyl edition of their new EP, 123 Water, via Jeffery Drag Records, later this month. The album is currently out digitally. 123 Water dances a line between classical ethereal sounds reminiscent of 70’s bands like Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac, and modern psychedelic variations like Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala. The band’s second release, the EP shows a considerable maturation from their 2013 debut, Home Videos. Buffalo Rodeo strives to combine tight rhythms and ambient melodies with expressive vocal harmonies on their newest release.

Buffalo Rodeo has worked tirelessly as an independent band securing shows at festivals such as The Big To-Do Festival, Starry Nights Music & Arts Festival, and Riot Fest, as well as booking tours in around 25 states in 2013 alone.Buffalo Rodeo is comprised of Nate Davis (guitar), Zach Preston (vocals), Ryan Gilbert (drums), Jordan Reynolds (keys, vocals), Patrick Duncan (bass) and Kevin Creambus (van).



5/5 – Rupert’s – Kalamazoo, MI

5/6 – Mac’s Bar – Lansing, MI

5/7 – PJ’s Lager House – Detroit, MI

5/8 – The Abbey – Chicago, IL

5/9 – Virginia Avenue Folk Fest – Indianapolis, IN

5/14 – Vinyl Release Show! at Spencer’s – Bowling Green, KY

5/15 – Lowertown Arts and Music Festival – Paducah, KY

5/16 – Rocky’s Graduation Celebration – Bowling Green, KY

5/19 – Georgia Theatre Rooftop – Athens, GA

6/4 – The New Vintage – Louisville KY

6/5- Best Friend Bar – Lexington, KY

6/7 -Tiball’s – Bowling Green, KY

The Leeway Share Charming New Video for “If Only”

the leeway

Straight out of Brooklyn, New York, meet The Leeway. Fronted by Portugal-born musician, Pedro Barquinha, the group takes us on a picturesque musical ride with the new video for “If Only.” Featuring Pedro on vocals and piano, he takes the spotlight to perform solo for the group’s first installment of “The Bunker Sessions.” Filmed at Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, Barquinha takes the performance to a whole new level, adding an intimate and intricate touch on the piece. His lustful vocals speak volumes in the very touching version of the song. With inspirations ranging from Simon and Garfunkel to Punch Brothers to Sufjan Stevens, Barquinha helps create a beautiful blend of folk-infused rock, that tends to offer up instruments from banjo to mandolin, guitar and beyond.

The Leeway’s self-titled debut is out now. Watch “If Only” HERE.

The Unravelling Release Hard Hitting Track “Revolt”


The Unravelling is a heavy-hitting industrial group that hails from Calgary, Canada. Channeling bands such as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Tool and Nine Inch Nails, the group are ready to release their new single, “Revolt.” Made up of the infectious duo of lead vocalist Steve Moore and instrumentalist Gustavo De Beauville, the two have garnered critical acclaim within the music community.

A major setback, notably Moore’s struggle with a long term illness, lead to De Beauville honing his musical skills, helping to create the bed of music that is displayed on their new material. “Revolt” is laced with intricate instrumentation, that is heavy in tone, yet very accessible and alluring. Moore says of the lyrical content of the track, ““The lyrics to “Revolt” convey a rejection of the false and a need for inner change. This is an inner revolt that we are talking about.” Moore’s vocals are silky and smooth, yet rough around the edges, giving the group a deeper, more intimate sound. With the addition of De Beauville’s sonically driven musical production, what we hear is a sound that is unique and enticing.

Listen to and Purchase The Unravelling – “Revolt” via Bandcamp:

NYC’s Anne Steele Releases “What’s Mine”


Anne Steele is best described as a “multi-award winning NYC pop queen.” Right off the bat I was intrigued. Her new record What’s Mine is 6 songs of high energy dance music, with a dose of LGBT influence. Her music is quirky, vibrant, and fun, and calls upon influences such as Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, and Jesse J. Capturing imaginations and dance floors Steele makes sure her music delivers a message. Her music is not only uplifting, but it touches upon subjects of supporting gay rights. It entices and educates at the same time, creating the ultimate double threat.

The title track “What’s Mine” is the perfect start to the record. Laced with strong vocals, vibrant piano and quirky handclaps, we’re off to a good start right from the beginning. Standout tracks on the EP include the heartbreaking “Without You Tonight,” which offers synth-bliss, and the sub-dued yet powerful, “Shadow of You.” Throughout, the songs kept building my interesting, making it a wonderful collection of songs.

Getting her start as a Cabaret singer, which definitely shines through with her performance in this record, Steele has gained a number of prestigious awards and accolades. What’s Mine is a touching and heartfelt EP, which not only uplifts, but provokes thoughts on serious issues. Her talent for writing these phenomenal songs, proves that she isn’t just another pop singer; she is so much more. What’s Mine is out now via  Bandcamp. Check out the link below!

Stream her new record What’s Mine:

1. What’s Mine
2. Worst I Ever Had
3. Tough
4. Without You Tonight
5. Shadow Of You
6. Don’t Tell Us How To Love