Julian Rhine “Excuse To Riot,” Plays CMJ


Julian Rhine is a Brooklyn based hip hop artist to watch out for. Critically acclaimed by such outlets like The Source, Rhine will be performing Friday evening during CMJ (Fri, Oct 24, 11:59pm, at The Bitter End). Recently he has released his new album, An Excuse to Riot, which came out the tail end of the Summer, and has quite an impressive repertoire. This is Rhine’s third year playing CMJ, and he has also played SXSW, as well as opening for Macklemore, Diddy and Mobb Deep.

Obviously his live show is killer, just like his latest release and video for “Excuse to Riot.” Channeling the likes of Beastie Boys and Linkin Park, Julian brings his own impressive brand of hip hop to the table. Swirling guitars surround his lyrical flow, which is smoothly done. His music also packs a heavy message touching upon the government and other important issues. His in-your-face brand of hip hop is truly impressive and will leave a lasting impression in your ears. Watch his new video for “An Excuse to Riot,” below.

Watch “Excuse to Riot,” Video HERE

Get tickets HERE for the Bitter End CMJ Show

Syre & Fresko Release New Single, EP Out Now!

Syre & Fresko 4

Syre & Fresko is quite an impressive duo, who create a brilliant combination of electro-indie, that will draw you in immediately. Along the likes of artists such as Chairlift meets Foster the People, the group who hail from Australia, provide us with a stunning EP titled Gonna See Miracles, which was released this week. Syre & Fresko have been having quite a big year already. Recently they were 1st place in the National/TripleJ Run competition, which allowed the band to represent Australia in the Annual Spring Gala for Chinese New Year in Beijing (with over 600 million viewers in over 70 countries!). Syre & Fresko’s intricate sounds are a vibrant burst of energy and heavy drums which come full circle which are noticeable on Gonna See Miracles. Give a listen to the EP below!

Listen to Syre and Fresko “Gonna See Miracles”: https://soundcloud.com/syreandfresko/gonna-see-miracles

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders Releases “The Last of the Originals”


Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a sucker for alt-country based music. Upon first listen of Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders’ latest release, The Last of the Originals, I was immediately a fan. Hailing from Australia, Billy Roberts and co. are far more than just another band.

Their sensational brand of country mixed with indie folk shed light on influences such as Neil Young, Wilco, Johnny Cash and even the Black Keys. The first piece on the record, “Mrs. Jones,” hits you with a breath of fresh air. Swirling guitars and a whirlwind of melody are striking as they are accompanied by bright keys and on-point harmonies. This is a theme that carries throughout the record. Tracks such as “Never Know,” offer a softer side of the record, while personal favorite, “No More Mr Nice Guy” provides an in-your-face punch. Roberts’ vocals are gritty yet smooth, and perfectly fit the sound of the songs. “I Was Young,” reminds one a bit of early Ryan Adams’ Whiskeytown in vocals and musicianship. The accompanying violin is a beautiful touch. “Not That Special,” is a touching and intricate piece that is one of the highlights of the record. Roberts’ voice is definitely made for this music and is something that I have been enjoying more and more with every listen.

Purchase Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders’ l The Last of the Originals: http://billyrobertsandtheroughriders.bandcamp.com/

Ooggz Releases “Welcome To Neptune”


Ooggz is an up and coming rapper who hails from the Bronx, NY. For those who like the musical stylings of Childish Gambino and LL Cool J, Ooggz is about to become one of your favorites.

His knack for writing catchy hooks and smooth lyrics are prominent in his new album, Welcome to Neptune, out now. The EP is 5-heavy-hitting and in-your-face tracks laced with heavy beats and sonic production that will linger in your ears. Tracks like “Get Em,” which is the album’s opener will draw you in from the start. The vocal work on the songs are stellar as well, providing a sound that is extremely accessible to an array of listeners. “Come on Down,” and “Classy,” bring the album down in notch in town, while still upkeeping the flow of the record. “Doing Right,” and “Ain’t What U Want” shows Ooggz versatile side, making him a new artist to watch out for. To boot he has also recently released a video for “Come on Down,” which is a nice addition to his new material. Welcome to Neptune will definitely be on heavy rotation in my speakers.

Watch Ooggz “Come on Down,” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxZEIuDcYLY

Roxanna Brings A Healing Power to Her Music, with Album Debut


Roxanna is an adult contemporary pop artist who has just release her debut album Exotica. Even though her album title and onstage image positions her in the role of femme fatale, each track on the LP exposes a vulnerable and strong woman singing of love, hardship, and reality through vocals soft as satin and smooth as silk.

It was while serving as a nurse that singer/songwriter Roxanna witnessed firsthand the healing power of music. Roxanna sang each night to a young man battling cancer while enduring a regimen of caustic treatment. When he was at last released from the hospital, the man’s father—with tears in his eyes—said to her, “My son is better because of the way you sang to him.”

Listen to Roxanna’s “Unforgotten” here: https://soundcloud.com/roxannasmusic/03-roxanna-unforgotten-eqd

The Glass Child Releases “Who Am I.” New Album out 10/21!


Meet the breathtaking musician, Charlotte Eriksson who sings under the moniker of The Glass Child. Her newest album release I Must Be Gone And Live, Or Stay And Die is due on October 21st, and she has just dropped her single for “Who Am I” from the record.

Eriksson, a former homeless teen, has started her own record label Broken Glass Records, released 5 EPs, re-leased her critically acclaimed debut full-length ‘I’d Like To Remain A Mystery’ in February 2013, had her single ”I Will Lead You Home” reaching #2 on theSwedish iTunes-chart, was names Breakthrough Indie Artist Of The Year by Lemonade Magazine, and been played on major radio such as BBC6 (UK), Sveriges Radio (Sweden) and 3FM (Netherlands). With nothing but hard work and determination she has built an incredibly dedicated community now with over 29,000 followers on Twitter, and to let her fans in on her journey even more she published her first book “Empty Roads and Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps” in April 2013, telling the true and raw story about a girl who had a dream and went for it with all her heart. The book was beautifully received and sold out after 3 days of pre-order.
Charlotte Eriksson has a tremendous deal to vocalize, but couchsurfing at eighteen in London will result in that. Writing and performing music under the moniker The Glass Child, she has cultivated an alluring goth pop sound with a self-conscious and astute lyric style. Her world-weariness seen through rose tinted lenses makes her the pop counterpart to folk femmes like Marissa Nadler and Wye Oak.

The Glass Child’s 2013 single “I Will Lead You Home” peaked at #2 on the Swedish iTunes Chart and she has aired on major radio stations throughout Europe such as BBC6 (UK), Sveriges Radio (Sweden) and 3FM (Netherlands). The Glass Child is thrilled to release her LP I Must Be Gone And Live, Or Stay And Die in the U.S. on October 21st ,and so are her fans who have made this album possible. Her Pledge Music Campaign for the funding of the album reached 100% within four hours!

The Glass Child – Who Am I